Top 5 Best Liquid Mutual Funds In 2020 | Liquid Mutual Fund To Invest In

Top 5 Best Liquid Mutual Funds 

If you possess surplus money then the most suitable option for you i.e. Liquid Mutual Funds. Mutual funds are the better option of putting money rather than savings account. It is the significant part of mutual investment in which you can invest without any risk. We have presented Top 5 Best Liquid Mutual Funds in 2020 in this article. There are huge numbers of banks which provides mutual funds on minimum deposit with higher interest rate. If you want to know more about liquid mutual funds, its benefits and investing plans must read the whole article.

At the time of high inflation a person must possess some investing plans. As we know saving accounts provide only 4 to 6 percent interests which is nothing in the comparison of liquid mutual funds. Liquid mutual funds are the excellent short-term investment option. You can obtain return instantly due to short term investment. It is affordable also because it depends on the person how much you want to invest.

SBI Premier Liquid Fund

The main purpose of SBI providing this facility is to management the requirements of large corporate and institutions. The SBI Premier Liquid Fund scheme has been launched in March 23, 2007. The minimum investment of this liquid fund is Rs 50,000. The dividend amount is around Rs 2.85. It is also call as SBI Magnum Institutional Income – Savings Plan. 

Top 5 Best Liquid Mutual Funds


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ICICI Pru Money Market Fund

Looking for a best option of investing, then ICICI bank provides one the best opportunity for the investor which is ICICI Pru Money Market Fund. Today is the time when we need safest plan because no one wants to lose his money because of a single wrong decision. It offers short time investing facility which reduces the chance of drawn money. User can also withdraw the money as per their requirement. The amount of application is Rs 5000 and it allows the minimum additional investment of Rs 1000.


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DSP-BR Liquidity Fund

DSP-BR Liquidity Fund is one the most leading liquid mutual funds in India. It is Open Ended Scheme which offers one the best interest on very low investing amount. It is easily affordable to the middle class person. And it is continuously giving better result. User can apply here for at few prices i.e. Rs 5000. In the Liquid category, CRISIL declared provides #1 rank.


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JP Morgan Liquid SIP

Every scheme opens with a definite aim. The main purpose of this scheme is provides logical returns at low risk. JP Morgan Liquid SIP has been launched in September, 2008. You can start your investment with a few money because it is required minimum Rs 10,000 only. The rank number of this fund is 4. You can see the great improvement in the below mentioned table.


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HDFC Liquid Fund

HDFC Liquid Fund has been launched in 2000 with the aim of enhance the income and is consistent with high level of liquidity. The Dividend Plan also offers you various daily options for the facility of reinvestment. You also need not to pay entry or exit load. If you are looking for good income over a short term then it is most suitable option for you.


Benefits Of Liquid Funds

  • Most of the liquid mutual funds provides no locking period.
  • Usually, there is no entry and exit loads are present in liquid mutual funds.
  • The biggest advantage of this invest is that it offers maximum interest rate.
  • It is one the safest investment plan due to short term investment.
  • After three years investments you can also acquire tax benefit.
  • The withdrawals from these funds are possible within 24 hours.


Reserve Bank of India understands the needs of average middle class person bank increased the interest rate of liquidity so that you can acquire excellent returns having small investment. You can acquire excellent returns and higher interest rate you need to submit just essential documents like as Bank Certificate of Deposits, Bank Fixed Deposits, Treasury Bills, Bill Rediscounting, Commercial Paper etc.


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