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Top 5 Best Liquid Mutual Funds In 2017 | Liquid Mutual Fund To Invest In

Top 5 Best Liquid Mutual Funds 

If you possess surplus money then the most suitable option for you i.e. Liquid Mutual Funds. Mutual funds are the better option of putting money rather than savings account. It is the significant part of mutual investment in which you can invest without any risk. We have presented Top 5 Best Liquid Mutual Funds in 2017 in this article. There are huge numbers of banks which provides mutual funds on minimum deposit with higher interest rate. If you want to know more about liquid mutual funds, its benefits and investing plans must read the whole article.


How To Complete KYC For Mutual Fund | E-KYC Online Process For Mutual Fund

How To Complete KYC For Mutual Fund

KYC is comprehensive online process which makes the investment of mutual fund hassle free and reduces the burden of archetypal paper work. Do you want to make your mutual fund investment trouble-free so let’s talk about how to Complete KYC for Mutual Fund. With the help of E-KYC, you can make your Mutual Fund investment quicker and may check your savings details. So have a glance on E-KYC Online Process for Mutual Fund which is presented in the article.


How To Increase Eligibility For Home Loan | Home Loan Eligibility Tips

How to Increase Eligibility for Home Loan

Having a home is the biggest ambitious of everyone. Usually people go for home loan without knowing its whole terms and condition and their application form has been rejected due to insufficient documents or eligibility criteria. Do you know you How to Increase Eligibility for Home Loan. If you wish to increase your Eligibility for home loan then you must read this article because we are presented the Home Loan Eligibility Tips in below section.


Best Tax Saving Mutual Funds In 2017 | ELSS Tax Saving Mutual Funds

Best Tax Saving Mutual Funds

The growth of money formed as savings, can be done through a market instrument, a mutual fund is an uncomplicated type of investment through which you are eligible to save tax under section 80c. These Funds are useful for employees as well as businessmen who have a desire to save income tax. We have done extensive analysis and research to discover Best Tax Saving Mutual Funds in 2017. Before proceeding further, let introduced ELSS Tax Saving Mutual Funds.


How To Surrender LIC Policy Before Maturity | Discontinue LIC Policy

How To Surrender LIC Policy Before Maturity

Many times you follow the advised of agents and purchased the policy without knowing its complete features and benefits but after some time the reality comes in front you and you feel that this policy is worthless. So you can surrender your policy but do you know How to Surrender LIC Policy before Maturity? We have provided the best way of Discontinue LIC Policy, so you can get rid of your policy.


Best Senior Citizen Savings Scheme In India | Sr Citizen Investment Schemes

Best Senior Citizen Savings Scheme In India

Everyone must consider about pension plan as well as other investment options. So we are here with Best Senior Citizen Savings Scheme In India, which helps you to choose your Senior Citizen Investment Schemes. Pension plan Investment can be executed in two ways. The first one is through depositing a lump sum amount afterward receiving the money as monthly payouts inclusive of interest received; and the second one is by depositing money quarterly that will be offered either as monthly or lump sum which is depending on your choice.


Income Tax Benefits On Home Loan | Claim Deductions On Home Loan Interest

Income Tax Benefits On Home Loan

The home loan comes with lots of benefits. The biggest advantage of home loan is that you can obtain an income tax deduction. To explain the Income tax Benefits on Home Loan we have divided into three categories under section 80C, under section 80EE and under section 24. Do you know you can obtain benefit maximum 2 lakh under these sections? If you have taken your home with the aid of a loan you are eligible to Claim Deductions on Home Loan Interest.


How To Choose A Best Mutual Fund | Tips To Pick A Good Mutual Fund Scheme

How To Choose A Best Mutual Fund

The best way of investment is to put your money in mutual funds. Individually, firm or companies usually manage their account by investing their money in diversified portfolios of equities, stocks and bonds. The biggest advantage of mutual funds is that your whole investment never be drawn because it is invested in various parts. But there are so many options are available of mutual funds so How to Choose a Best Mutual Fund?  We are describing Tips to Pick a Good Mutual Fund Scheme. Have a glance below.


LIC New Plans 2017 | List Of New LIC Plans- Features & Comparison

LIC New Plans

A dependable brand name in the market of life insurance is LIC which stands for Life Insurance Corporation of India. LIC has a huge range of products to offer and it often becomes difficult to choose the right fit.  So, we considered making this easy for you by getting you informed about the LIC New Plans 2017 soon to be presented by Life Insurance Corporation of India in 2017.