Credit Card VS Debit Card | Which Is Better? Debit & Credit Card Comparison

Credit Card Vs Debit Card

The deliberate over whether to use a Debit Card or a Credit Card is archetypal task as they both become an essential and indispensable part of our lives and assist various traits. Are you puzzling to figure out which is better? So let’s talk about Credit Card VS Debit Card. They both typically look almost identical, with 16-digit card numbers, expiration dates but each one provides divergent facilities and services. We are displayed Debit & Credit Card Comparison at below section for your convenience.

Credit Card Vs Debit Card

Debit cards permit you to spend money that you have by drawing on funds and already deposited in your account. Credit cards permit to its users to borrow money from the card issuer up to a convinced limit. Credit card as well as debit card both make your spend hassle free because using cash for your daily transactions is almost precedent thing , now you decide which is better for you with the help of this article.

Debit & Credit Card Comparison

Facts Credit card Debit card
Connected with Not required to be connected to a checking account. Checking /  Savings Account
Monthly Bills Yes No
Application Process Difficult Easy
Spending Limit credit limit is set by the credit provider However much is in the bank account connected to the card
Interest Charged If a credit card bill is not paid at proper time, have to pay interest No interest is charged, only charges paid
Security Less secure A PIN makes it more secure

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Advantages Of Credit Cards

Reward Points

Free air miles or supplementary reward points are the lucrative options customer can attain only on when they make their shopping complete via Credit Card and these points can be redeemed afterward.

Best Protection In Case Of Emergency

A huge benefit of credit card is that users can take credit from their bank in case of emergency only when your credit history has not been up to the mark. Your timely bill payments will assist you to get better your score drastically.

Warranties Benefits

If you are a credit card user then you can acquire this facility because Mostly Credit Cards issuer offer extended warranties services on various items beyond the manufacturer’s warranty.

Better Protection

It will provide you one of the best protections in case of a fraud, theft or duplicate charge. If you card is stolen then user is liable to make it credit card will be nil so that no one can use misuse it.

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Disadvantages Of Credit Cards


It is one of the biggest disadvantages of extravagant peoples because they keeping a tab on their spending and many times they can tend to overspend. They forget the most important thing is that they will have to interest for their each spends if they don’t pay it on time interest will increases day by day.

Credit Score Issues

Missing out on your monthly EMI payments of spends can impact a negative effect on your CIBIL score. And if the user locks a Credit Card without paying the total exceptional amount, it enormously impacts their Credit Score.

Debt Trap

Unlike a Debit Card, the transaction fee on a Credit Card is much higher so if the users do not pay its bills time a huge debt trap is occurs, so you may end up paying a higher service tax if you swipe your Credit Card.

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Advantages Of Debit Cards

Simple Fees Structure

Whenever the cardholder uses his debit card for completion of their transactions, they need not to pay any kind of annual fee. It does not incur any extra charges unless the customer uses the overdraft facility on their savings account.

Limited Spending

Customers are eligible to use debit card for limited spending and never lose a right track because it will not permit the cardholder unless they have money in their Savings or Current Account. But at adverse circumstances allow an overdraft limit on Debit Cards which are chargeable.

No Debt Issue

Its second biggest benefit is that it doesn’t let you go into debt. Since, if you can use only a part of amount that you keep in your balance this will assist you to control your expenses.

Protection Via PIN Number

PIN number enhances the overall security of a Debit Card because if your card is stolen or lost but PIN number is secure then no one uses your card. When you input your number then you can take out the money.

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Disadvantages Of Debit Cards

Reduced Reward Benefits

The benefits of earning rewards on Debit Card transaction are much lower than Credit Card transaction. Purchases is from credit card enhance your chances of earning points and many Debit Cards do not offer any kind of reward points especially on every day purchase.

No Credit Score Help

If your credit history is less than desirable, spending money through Debit Card will not aid you to build a Credit Score. Always remember that awful history impose terrible impression that additional problems occurs while applying for a loan.

Balance Check

It is one of the most significant thing that you are always update of bank account because you cannot afford to spend more since you will incur heavy overdraft charges.


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