Best Credit Cards In India For Salaried Person | Credit Cards For Salaried

Best Credit Cards In India For Salaried Person

There are many examples present in front of us, that they do not pay much attention when choosing a card but alter become irritated when the unexpected instances comes out like as hidden charges, high processing fee, interest rate and awful customer service. We have presented the list of Best Credit Cards in India for Salaried Person in this article. Choose which card is most suitable for you on the basis of their interest rate, annual fee, processing charges and benefits. These credit cards are especially for salaried professionals.

Credit card is such an electronic tool which reduces the burden of carrying cash in wallet or pocket. It makes our shopping and travelling hassle free or more pleasurable. Card holders also acquire many rewards points, bonus points and special discount under the various schemes offered by card providers’ management. It is generally issued to salaried professionals or self-employed individuals.

Credit Cards In India For Salaried Person

  • Citibank Platinum Credit Card
  • HDFC Bank Platinum plus Credit Card
  • State Bank of India Gold and More Card
  • Axis Bank Platinum Credit Card
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank Trump Gold Credit Card
  • Standard Chartered Platinum Credit Card
  • ICICI Bank Platinum Credit Card
  • State Bank of India IRCTC Card
  • State Bank of India Yatra Credit Card
  • Citibank Titanium Credit Card

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Citibank Platinum Credit Card

Looking for a credit card which provides you huge numbers of features and benefits then city bank is providing you fabulous credit card i.e. Platinum Credit Card. City bank is one the most popular bank in India. You will acquire special offer on dining, travel and entertainment as well as earn rewards for spending on your purchase. Banking management provide offer as to meet the all requirements of customers.

Key Benefits

  • User can obtain 1 Turbo point on every Rs.150 purchase.
  • By using this card, enjoy 20% discounts at around 2,000 restaurants.
  • It also offers 2.5% on fuel expense.
  • Those card holder spend more than Rs.30, 000 per year there will acquire Annual membership fee is only Rs.1,000.
  • You can also obtain 5% discount on fuel bill if you fill fuel from any Indian Oil petrol pump.

Important Charges

Details Charges
Supplementary card Nil
Interest rate 3.25% monthly or 39% per annum. Interest rate can change based on spends, payback or utilisation.
Annual renewal fee Zero if Rs.30, 000 spent in one year. If not Rs.1,000 is charged.
Cash advance fee 2.5% for domestic withdrawal with minimum amount of Rs.500. For international withdrawals, US$7.5 is charged.
Credit limit Decide at the time of issue
Cash advance limit Decide at the time of issue

HDFC Bank Platinum Plus Credit Card

Now, credit card becomes a trendy part of life. HDFC Bank is the India’s second private sector largest bank introducing the Platinum plus Credit Card with lots of benefits and rewards points. Credit card provides a perfect support in any unpleasant circumstances. If you have well suitable credit card then you can also borrow money from bank. It assists you in shopping and travelling. The biggest advantage of this card is that it provides you fuel surcharge waiver on your fuel expenditure.

Key Benefits

  • Users can save up Rs 1,500 each year on their fuel transactions.
  • Users have brilliant chance to earn 1,200 reward points in a year.
  • For every billing cycle, the limit of Fuel waiver is Rs 250.
  • If the user crosses the limit of Rs 50,000 then he/she can enjoy 50% more points for every Rs 150 spent.
  • If you possess this card then the monthly rate of interest is stated at 3.15 percent.
  • This card offers exclusive deals on shopping with lots of rewards points.

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State Bank Of India Gold And More Card

Who has not heard the name of state bank of India because it is India’s number one bank? It has widest coverage area and it offers many banking products as per customer requirement. It has launched State Bank of India Gold and More Card for making the customers purchase easy and convenient. This card consist various features like utility bill payments at no extra cost, easy EMI conversion of purchases, balance transfer, easy bank draft request via phone and many more.

Key Benefits

  • The users can acquire cash point’s value back of 2.5% on purchases from departmental store.
  • For every Rs 100 spent, customers can obtain 1 cash back point.
  • On your first purchase for a Rs 2000, card holder can obtain 2000 bonus rewards points.
Joining fee Rs. 299
Annual Fee Rs. 299
Add-on fee Nil
Finance Charges Upto 3.35% per month
Cash Advance Fees (Domestic ATMs) 2.5% of the amount withdrawn or a minimum of Rs. 300/- per transaction.
Cheque Pickup Charge Rs. 90
Statement Retrieval Rs. 100

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Axis Bank Platinum Credit Card

One of the most popular credit card issuer is Axis Bank. It produces various credit cards for different situation. Axis bank is well reputed bank and provides best services to its customers. Axis Bank Platinum Credit Card is offered by axis bank for lifestyle needs of people. Online shopping becomes the trendy part of our daily life. Suitable credit card makes our shopping more enjoyable and during on your shopping, you can also earn many rewards points.


  • Axis Bank Platinum Credit Card is the first choice of all merchants.
  • The biggest advantage of this card is that card holder can obtain chip as well as PIN technologies.
  • It provides the supplementary protection against frauds.
  • Card holders also cam earns fuel benefits of up to Rs 400 each month.
  • Booking tickets for a movie you will obtain 25% cash back.
  • While on booking tickets, you may earn 1,000 as a cashback.
Type Amount
Joining Fee (Standard) Rs. 500
Annual Fee (Standard) Rs.200
Annual Fee for Add-on Card Nil
Finance Charges for Retail Purchases and Cash transactions 3.25 % per month or 46.78 % p.a.
Fee for Cash Withdrawal 2.5 % of the amount withdrawn (Minimum Rs 250)
Fee for making Cash Payment Rs 100
Card Replacement Fee (lost/ stolen/ re-issue) Nil
Fee for Duplicate Statement Nil
Penalty for exceeding credit limit 3 % of the over limit amount (Minimum Rs 500)
Fee for Outstation Cheque Nil
Cheque return Fee or reversal of Auto-debit due to lack of Funds fee Rs 300
Surcharge for Fuel Transaction It is waived if the value of fuel transaction is between Rs 400 to Rs 4,000, up to Rs 400 every month.
Foreign Currency Transaction Fee 3.50 % of the value of the transaction

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Kotak Mahindra Bank Trump Gold Credit Card

Kotak Mahindra is a popular bank and provides wide range of credit card. Kotak Mahindra Bank Trump Gold Credit Card is one of them. This card is especially designed for foodies and those who are crazy about movie. It offers you attractive reward points. You can obtain definite benefits at your each purchase. So what are waiting for? If you love to enjoy movie with your friends and family so apply for Kotak Mahindra Bank Trump Gold Credit Card as soon as possible. While booking your movie tickets you may acquire special rewards benefits.

Key Benefits

  • For Transfer balances from other credit cards, user needs to pay processing fee of just Rs.349 per 10,000 withdrawn as cash.
  • There are so many options available in front of you that you never want to lose.
  • You will also get maximum savings on fuel purchase.
  • If you want to transfer money from one credit card to other, the processing fee is just Rs.349 per 10,000 withdrawn as cash.
Joining Fee Waived
Annual Fee Nil
Late Payment Charges Rs.100 to 700, depending on the O.S balance
Over limit Fee Rs.500
Cash Withdrawal Fee Rs.199 for every Rs.10,000 withdrawn
Add On card Rs.299 per card

Standard Chartered Platinum Credit Card

Standard Chartered Bank is one of the leading banks in India that understand the daily requirements of peoples of credit card and provide one of the best credit cards. Currently, it has 99 offices across the 42 cities and it also possesses over 1700 sub offices. It also established its branches in other countries of the world. It is national as well as international bank. It produces the Standard Chartered Platinum Credit Card with attractive schemes and lots of benefits.

  • Every 150 spent on fuel, you can earn 5x rewards.
  • If you spend INR 150 for dining and hotels, you can earn 5x rewards.
  • If you spend on all other categories, users can earn 2x rewards.

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ICICI Bank Platinum Credit Card

ICICI bank is most popular private sector bank in India. Those who are regular customer of ICICI bank or have a fix deposit in bank can avail of this opportunity because ICICI bank has released ICICI Bank Platinum Credit Card. It has provided all types of banking facility and it charged don’t charge any processing fee. It takes minimum documentation charge. If you want to apply, both options online as well as offline are available. You can earn discounts on various purchases and high rewards points from this card. It is most important card especially for salary oriented persons.

Key Benefits

  • It has produce interest rate around 2.49 percent.
  • ICICI Bank Platinum Credit Card produces exclusive rewards.
  • On transaction of 4000 INR, User needs to pay 2.5 percent fuel charges.
  • User can obtain 3 Payback points for each spends on Rs. 100.
  • If you spend at over 800 restaurants, then you will obtain at least 15% off.
  • If the user buys movie tickets via BookMyShow website, he will get discount of Rs. 100 per month.
Joining Fee Nil
Annual Fee Nil
Supplementary Card Fee Nil
Overdue interest on extended credit 2.49% per month (29.88% annually)
Interest on cash advances 2.49% per month (29.88% annually)

State Bank Of India IRCTC Card

If you love to rooming new places, then the State Bank of India IRCTC Card is the most suitable card for you. R.K. Laxman has designed this card for the purpose of a new travel and lifestyle experience. You will definite earn some points on your purchase. If the card holder books his railway tickets from, he may acquire exclusive rewards. This card also provides many favorable deals to the customers.

  • On booking on tickets of AC1, AC2, AC3, the card holder earns 10 percent value back.
  • On spending 500 INR, users may achieve 250 bonus points.
  • When the user book on, he can obtain fee discount 1.8%.
  • For every 125 INR spent, you will definitely acquire 1 point.
Charge Amount
Joining fee Rs. 500
Annual fee (2nd year onward) Rs. 300
Add on cards Free
Interest free period 20-50 days no interest period for purchases if previous month’s outstanding balance is paid in full.
Interest rate Up to 3.35% per month for outstanding balances
Minimum Amount due 5% of total outstanding balance
Cash Advance
  • Gold cards – Rs. 12000 maximum.
  • Platinum/Signature cards Rs. 15000 maximum.
Cash Withdrawal fees For SBI ATMs and other local ATMs, 2.5% of transaction amount or Rs. 300, whichever is higher

State Bank Of India Yatra Credit Card

If you love travelling then begin your journey with specially designed by card from SBI which is State Bank of India Yatra Credit Card. It is the best card for travelling purpose. Card holders can obtain invincible holiday, travel and shopping deals etc. you can enjoy special discounts which you earn on bookings from SBI offers outstanding privileges, holiday packages and travelling offers. Make your trip more convenient and enjoyable with the help of State Bank of India Yatra Credit Card.

Key Benefits

  • On travelling bookings cost Rs 500, you may obtain two vouchers.
  • If you book international ticket Rs 1000, you can obtain two vouchers.
  • If the card holder book Rs 750, the he will get one voucher.
  • For domestic vacations around Rs 1500, you may obtain one voucher.
Annual Fee Rs. 499
Joining Fee Rs. 499
Add-on Fee (per annum) Nil
Extended Credit – Interest Free Credit Period 20 to 50 days
Extended Credit – Charges Up to 3.35% per month
Extended Credit – Minimum Amount Due 5% of the total outstanding amount
Cash Advance limit Up to 80% of the set credit limit
Free Credit Period Nil
Late Payment Charges SBI does not charge any fee for outstanding amounts of up to Rs 200.
Rewards Redemption Fee Rs 99 plus GST
Cash Advance – Charges Up to 3.35% per month
Cash Advance fee – SBI or other domestic ATMs 2.5% of the withdrawal amount or a minimum of Rs 300/- per transaction
Cash Advance fee – International ATMs 3% of the withdrawal amount or a minimum of Rs 300/- per transaction

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Citibank Titanium Credit Card

If you have an account in Citibank then get pleasure from the excellent membership privileges and thrilling rewards points. It produces outstanding welcome offers and convenient redemption options. Card holders can obtain exclusive rewards at Shoppers Stop outlets, wellness packages, sales previews and parking privileges. Enjoy the benefits provided by bank and make your shopping more enjoyable.

  • For the each spend of Rs 100, you can obtain 7 First Citizen Points.
  • Card holders also can acquire attractive Shoppers Stop promotional offers and special discount on specific spend.
  • If you buy any product within the 30 days the date of card issued, you can obtain 350 for 500 rewards points.
Annual Fee Rs 0 for spends of Rs.30,000 / Rs.500 for spends lesser than Rs.30,000
Interest Rate 3.25% per month
Cash Advance Fees 2% of the amount withdrawn at ATMs in India/ US$7.5 at ATMs worldwide.
Late Payment Charges Ranges from Rs 300 to 700, depending on the outstanding balance.
Supplementary Card Fee Nil
Emergency Card Replacement Available

The above presented cards are an excellent credit card especially for salaried professionals. Users can make their shopping as well as travelling more pleasurable. Card holders may also acquire many benefits related to each specific card which are offered by bank.

What are you waiting for? Go and apply for your most suitable card and enjoy the latest technology. It makes your shopping hassle free and also card holders obtain many rewards points or bonus points. Each and every card has specific attractive feature. So choose your card, visit to the official website and follow the applying procedure.


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