How To Protect Your Debit Card From Frauds | Ways To Keep Debit Card Safe

How to Protect Your Debit Card from Frauds

While using your debit card, being vigilant is the best way of preventing fraud, Sometime you’re stuck with outdated technology that leaves your cards vulnerable so we are here to help you and tell you How to Protect Your Debit Card from Frauds by this article. When a thief “skims” or swipes the information off the magnetic stripe from the reverse of the card and they create a duplicate copy of your card, they capture your PIN to access your account and use your card as they want; in this case you are liable for all expenses. We are mentioned best Ways to keep Debit Card Safe though which you can take to at least cut down on your risk.

How to Protect Your Debit Card from Frauds

As per Media reports, Debit Cards frauds have a terrible malware attack so that many banks like SBI will reissue 600,000 debit cards and suggested to clients be aware from such kinds of frauds. Debit card fraud has various kinds of technology to take out your personal detail. Whenever you use your card, always ensure that all the transaction is accomplished in front of you and never share your personal information with anyone.

Ways to keep Debit Card Safe

CSC Or CVV Number

Card Security Code or Card Verification Value number is amazing security feature for your debit card transactions that will protect you against debit card fraud. It is group of numbers which is printed on the back signature section of the card. That provides the protection to card holder because corrupt merchant cannot easily find the magnetic stripe details of your card and further use.

Sign Up For Digital Alerts

If you haven’t already updated email id or phone number so immediately updated it because Digital alerts are the best and easiest way to track your transactions. Look for suspicious debit transactions and ask you bank if something doesn’t seem right. If you contain SMS or email alerts, you will take great benefit because each and every transaction will appear on your mobile automatically.

Only Use Bank ATMs

It’s a lot easier for skimming devices to go on ATMs rather than one located branch. Even ATMs located away from branches have a great risk. To take the facility of latest technology is excellent but prevention is also needed. If you want to keep your account safe for that you need to be using your ATM in your own branch.

Don’t Use ATMs In Bank Lobbies After-Hours

Using ATM is safer, but you’ll probably have to insert your card into a slot to unlock the door that’s a matter of risk point. Because now thieves increasingly installing skimming devices on the slots of your door to capture your details. You are unable to take any idea of as they are expert in their work. So it is advised to users don’t use the ATM after hours.

Change Your PIN

The nightmare scenario is that someone finds your card number and pin. What will you do and how will you prove it fraud.  So make the habit to change your PIN time to time. Most banks permits let you do while using ATM and you can easily change your pin.

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Never Put Your PIN Anywhere

It’s tempting to put your PIN or account numbers in your phone or diary because if you forget you can take the number from where you have written. In case you sell the phone, to grab the details from your smart phone is not a complicated task of frauds and thieves. If your wallet or diary is stolen it’s an easy bet your account will be drained too. So always remember your account number or pin number for protection of your account.

Safe And Proper Use Of Credit Card

Always your credit card safely and never shares your information with anyone. The way to guarantee money will not be taken directly from your own account is to never use of debit card for purchasing and attach to an authentic credit card, cash, or prepaid card.

Don’t Tie Your Emergency Savings To Your Current Account

Do not link you’re the savings account which holds your emergency savings to your checking account to avoid overdrafts but that’s an awful idea because a single fraud incident would drawn at your savings. It is better to keep your emergency fund in separate online account from the various banks. Usually peoples put a CD at their bank and that CDs can be withdrawn by phone call or person.

Use Your Pre-Paid Card At Online Shopping

Online shopping through debit card is one of the most risky things if you don’t know its proper team of security. So in this case you can use pre-paid card instead of debit card. There are some banks as SBI, ICICI, and Axis bank etc which offers these kinds of facility.

During online shopping many times we use are debit card and card verification number is required for online transactions which is printed on the back side of the card, so always be more careful on online transactions that no can steal your personal details.


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